We Deliver World Class Facility Solutions

Eliezer performs and manages a wide range of facilities management services. Our complete range of services gives clients a one-stop solution for all their facilities’ needs.
Eliezer has been at the forefront of facilities management partnership in Africa bringing best-value, total project ownership approach that has yielded positive results for our clients. With more than 500 employees providing facility management around Africa, Eliezer is commited to providing market-leading solutions for our clients.
Our rich heritage and reputation for maintaining the highest standards of integrity contribute to our ability to touch countless lives by sharing the vision of the future with our customers..


Eliezer Integrated Engineering works with a well managed PPM regime which ensures the long term integrity of a property portfolio and minimizes the risk of unbudgeted expenditure. Eliezer Engineering Services is a fast, flexible, cost conscious company that minimizes the distance between our clients with the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

Eliezer Engineering provides an integrated engineering service solution with a single point of contact and offers a wide menu of services as far as your engineering, technological, engineering design and project management, mechanical and electrical, and electrician appliances are concerned. In addition, we can customize program schedules to fit your needs, including any of the following services.

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Eliezer performs and manages a wide range of facilities management services. Our complete range of services gives clients a one-stop solution for all their facilities’ needs.

We offer the following in this service area;
Catering & Janitorial Services, Catering & Janitorial Services, Management Support Services, Procurement & Logistic Service, Field Support & Security Services, Facility Health & Safety Management.

  • Catering & Janitorial Services
  • Facility Management
  • Management Support Services
  • Procurement & Logistic Service
  • Field Support & Security Services
  • Facility Health & Safety Management

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Our security services can increase physical and data security and streamline your entire security operation. Security was one of the services that companies first considered buying from an external service provider. Since that time, not an awful lot has changed in the way security services are delivered.

Eliezer is at the forefront of the facility management industry. Introducing a service that fully integrates many aspects of security that have traditionally been delivered seperately. This is an innovation technology emerging in the security market that offers significant improvements for facilities and security managers, as well as end users.

But the real power lies within managing these technologies as part of an integrated security and building solution.

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The world is fast evolving in the use of managing information. This has changed the way everyone does business today and the most basic tasks have become specialized due to this constant evolution.

With Computer Aided Facility Management software (CAFM), Eliezer Integrated Engineering Services offer our clients real time, web based access to all service funtions performed on their behalf.

Our IT team is fully committed to working with our clients to overcome the manay challenges that can be involved in connecting two companies.

Our IT team is part of every start up and transitional activities that take place in the company, from the creation of a jingle email account to the establishment of a fully integrated, on-site facility services group.

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At Eliezer Janitorial services, we understand that doing the job right often means going beyond routine maintenance. We will create a clean environment, so that your employees are able to do their best work.

With the thorough knowledge of the specific requirements of your industry, we can help ensure compliance with clean room Mil-specs, defined service level agreements and more.

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After temperature in the workplace, catering usually receives the most comments. It is an emotive subject that customers usually feel strongly about. After gaining a thorough understanding of your requirments, we will examine your location and culture, then we will design the most appropriate service mix to meet your needs.

From simple vending solutions through to executive dining we will provide quality catering and house-keeping services in a 5 Star-Hotel like standard, as part of an integrated FM package, the solution that consists of:

Highest quality ingredients.
Unsurpassed culinary innovation.
Full range of menu options for healthy eating.
Customized services including special events, catering, convenience stores and conference centres.

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