Our Approach, Structure And Managing Our Finances

our approach

We support local communities in the most cost-effective, efficient and sustainable way. We do this by working primarily through highly skilled volunteers and involving local communities in our development interventions from the outset and through the life span of every projects/programs. Our commitment to participatory development principles is built on the belief that citizens can be trusted to shape their own future through local decision making and capacities to steer and define the nature of development interventions for a more readily productive and durable change.


The charity’s activities are overseen by the trustees who meet regularly to discuss the activities, programmes and budgets of the charity. The charity’s daily operations are conducted by a programme officer and volunteers, who reports to the trustees on a weekly basis.

managing our finances

Development of Nations Economy is a UK charity commission registered charity that carefully and conscientiously oversees the generous contributions from its donors. We are proud that we have one of most cost-effective, efficient and sustainable approaches to humanitarian aid development – attributes that have seen us put about 93% of every donation towards our poverty fighting programs both in the UK and Sub-Saharan Africa, and only 7% on management and administration.